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BIGTV was founded in 2013 by professor

turned producer, WILL HUGHES

Branded Content

BIGTV CREATES, PRODUCES, monetizes and distributes quality scripted content across multiple platforms.

   BIGTV shows create online communities built around shared interests. These are the most desirable and highly targeted consumers. 

     We can create content built around your brand or harmonious to it. Think: Geico gecko. 

     BIGTV puts your brand at the center of large virtual communites.

     It's an effective and cost efficient way to drive traffic to your online presence and synergize with your multi-media marketing and advertising.

     Our sophisticated metrics and analytics deliver measurable results.


UP NEXT ON BIGTV  New shows for 2016 include BIGTV's entry into

reality programming. Above, "Real Ghosts" where the viewers decide if it's haunted or not & Mascots, a knock down, drag out, winner take all competition for college mascots. Heads Will Roll!

'We are big. The pictures got smaller.

BIGTV is an entertainment company which creates, produces

distributes and markets scripted and unscripted content for the Web and TV.

    BIGTV develops its own creative content as well collaborating with other creators of web-based and television content. BIGTV is truly the little company that roars.

   BIGTV has a strong and diversified presence in the digital universe with over 5.4 million viewers on YouTube and Facebook including 827,739 new viewers, 231,389 post engagements and a reach of 1.78 million in the month of March 2017 alone! 

    BIGTV is a leader in digital media production and monetization including branded content, product placement, program sponsorships and advertising across multiple platforms.

    BIGTV's motto, "We are big. The pictures got smaller," reflects the company's commitment to telling compelling stories with outstanding production values. 


Corporate Sponsors Wanted

Synergize your brand with BIGTV's. Get in on the ground floor as we limited the number of sponsors and advertisers. 

    Our success at creating unique, entertainment content with state of the art production values is an unprecedented internet success.

    In October of 2016, BIGTV had 1.28 million viewers on Facebook and YouTube. By January 1, 2017, the number of individuals who tuned into our shows and watched a significant amount (76% or more) totaled 3.61 million. 

   Since the first of the year, BIGTV has been growing at a rate of approximately 25,000 new viewers a day. 

    As of today, April 17, 2019, BIGTV's viewership is in excess of 10 million, including roughly a quarter million post engagements  on Facebook alone.

Product Placement

 EVER NOTICE all those cereal boxes on the shelves in Seinfeld's kitchen? You can feature products in episodes of El Cabon, Patty & Patty and Cooking With Grace.

     This is a subtle but extremely effective way to gain notoriety for your products and brand. 

     Product placement is a good way to launch new products or boost sales of current products. Other display options available. 



BIGTV BUILDS communities of viewers. You can reach them in a number of ways including In-Reel Advertising, Front and End cards and display advertising on any of our web sights.          

    Advertising space is limited so as our programs are not cluttered. 


BIGTV is the expert in converting data into customers.

No one understands Google and other analtics better than


    Our arsenal of analytical tools includes quantitative analysis, content analysis, as well as qualitative methods including focus groups and sampling. 


Call Now: 973 303 7496


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