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"It's a strange, strange place to work...."

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WITHOUT MUCH FANFARE, KRZ The Rock will sign on the air (currently in Beta Testing) on June 1, 2023.

    Perhaps more interesting is the station's positioning as "The Most Dangerous Station on the Planet."

   KRZ and it's soon-to-be sister stations are positioned for unlimited growth. The founder, M. MIchel Mousse, a former star during Hollywood's golden age, rose to head one of the largest media corporations in the world.

    After decades of service, they fired him. And now he's back... with a venegence.

   "Very strange guy,, brilliant, but strage," says radio legend Crazy Joe, hired as executive producer.

     "Meaner than a snake," adds Doc Holiday, "But I think he's onto something with bringing personality and an edge back to broadcasting."

    "If you know you're radio history," says Crazy Joe, "There was never a more listened to station than 77WABC in the sixties because of the ways broadcast markets were created. KRZ has no limit."

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A Modern Day Green Acres unfolding 50 Miles from New York City...

She's a wellness nurse and yogi. He's a cannabis influencer, a professor and air personality. They are all in on a small. mid-Hudson Valley farm. So far, there's two horses, four goats, two dozen chickens, a Siberian husky, an old blind dog and a yackety cockatoo,  What's happening at Lavender Farm?

Weed Report

Cannabis Influencer Led Secret Life as a Grower...

"I've lived a double life since I was fourteen going to a prestigious private high school in posh Westchester. From the first time I smelled it - marijuana - I was in love. First as a dealer and then as an illicit grower,?" says Doc Holiday. Cannabis Influencer and KRZ The Rock Air Personality.  "If you smoked weed in the NYC area for the last 50 years, you probably had some of mine

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