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El Cabon - "Mitch Mulligan"

Legendary Golf Super Hero, El Cabon, meets his arch-nemesis, Mitch Mulligan. Improv comic Jason Scott Quinn joins the cast. of The Adventures of Legendary Golf Super Hero

El Cabon.


Authentic, Traditional Italian Food.  

     Noted chef Grace Surano Vinciguerra, who has worked in some of the highest rated restaurants in the New York, has joined forces with BIGTV to create a new cooking show dedicated to real Italian food. 

     And the whole adventure began with a conversation about grain pie. 

     "I had mentioned on the BIGTV Facebook page that my Zia Rose was famous for making a certain kind of pie with ricotta cheese and some sort of grain," said Executive Producer & Showrunner Will Hughes. 

      In spite of his surname, our show runner grew up in an Italian household in an Italian neighborhood . " I couldn't even remember what it was called only that it was delicious and an Easter tradition."

     Grace, who has a reputation as an iconic Italian chef, sent a picture of her famous Grain Pie. This lead to a conversation about how the traditional foods and authentic Italian cooking were slowly disappearing with each successive generation and Cooking With Grace was born.

Action Hero Mario D'Leon Makes Lobster Fra Diavolo With Grace

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