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"Comare Mallagaza, The Godmother" 

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE COMEDY WEB SERIES, Patty (Anita Salvate) and Patty (Marilyn Matarrese) attend the funeral of Alfredo "Vinnie the Hump" Carlucci which is disrupted by the appearance of Comare Mattagaza (Jacqueline Carol) , "and old bat who's attended every funeral since Pope Pius II."  

  Much to Cookie Carlucci's (Susan Varon) chagrin, while Frank, the funeral director hits on Patty, Comare tries to throw herself on Alfredo's coffin.

 Patty and Patty is weekly web series about two Italian American broads living in Hell's Kitchen and trying to cope with a rapidly changing modern world.

Created by and starring Anita Salvate & Marilyn Matarrese 

Produced by Kyle Thomas-Hughes

Directed by Anthony Patellis

Will Hughes, Executive Producer


BIGTV IS A UNIQUE COMPANY SPECIALIZING in developing quality content for the web as well as marketing pilots to television and cable .

  Founded in 2007 by Will Hughes, a former college professor, BIGTV is turns scripted or non-scripted concepts into professionally produced programs.

  Our proprietary monetization and distribution plans are cutting edge in a rapidly changing entertainment universe. 

  No one has a better understanding of metrics and the ability to use that data to create quality content. 

​  We are actively looking for collaborators and concepts to develop for the web and television.

  Our current stable of productions includes the scripted web series: Patty and Patty, now in it's third season; Foot Soldiers; New Money; That Ain't Right; and Vatican City.

  Additionally we are the proud producers of unscripted content including Wild Life Rescue, El Cabon, Real Ghosts, and Mascots.

 We're also actively looking for new concepts and scripts to develop into web series and/or television pilots.

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